This city is one of the most laid-back cities you will ever find. With quaint plazas that offer a variety of sizzling Argentine barbecues, cozy coffee shops, and homemade ice-cream shoppes.You will be welcomed by all here. Chapacos (locals) enjoy learning about others and always show an interest in you. Much of the architecture is colonial based and the tight streets with pavers makes you feel like you are visiting a city in the Mediterranean. Tarija also hosts some of the highest wineries in the world. All visitors must try the Bolivian vino or the throat-burning singani, a distilled grape spirit. Tarija is gaining a lot of appeal from foreigners due to the tranquility and seemingly ease of life all enjoy here. One thing to remember is during 1pm – 3pm everything is closed, and i mean everything. So it is important to do all of your shopping or business in the morning or until after the siesta time.